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Planning and Flexibility in 2020

We have done better during this crisis than 2009 and 2001.

Insurance is literally planning for future events. It is flexibility to when life happens. We do health and life so we have a little insight into thinking in this manner. A person can be early, on time or late.

Flexibility is your ability to deal with the situation and adapt your plans to it. You can plan really well. You can be really flexible, or you can do a combination to keep your family moving forward.

We are going to talk about examples and feel free to ask.

Canceling Cancel Culture with a Yes

Cancel culture refers to the popular practice of withdrawing support for (canceling) public figures and companies after they have done or said something considered objectionable or offensive. Cancel culture is generally discussed as being performed on social media in the form of group shaming.

How you get rid of it is more businesses and public figures that are doing positive things.

The start is the most terrifying aspect of anything. You have to be brave and a little foolhardy to start a business that can fail. It is the jumping off the cliff and learning to fly. Not everyone can do it and so we encourage dreams around us with the two nickels that we have.

If you want to do it then the answer to every question is yes.

It takes all parties acceptance.

People can be happy in their little bubble.

So what we are working on today. If you want to donate to a start up Central Washington Radio station then here. 

Assertive vrs Aggressive. Is it really gender?

Suzie Health Solutions assists people to  enroll and be educated about healthcare. As a husband and wife team for the last seven years, we have a different look at this ironic joke. 

The ironic joke is two people back to back. One asks the other, “What is the difference between assertive and aggressive?” The other person replies, “gender”.  This has weighed on Matt’s mind for a few days. 

It can be very true socially however you can remove this irony from your life. It is a very square peg in round hole situation. It also occurs in the workplace. How do you become a better you? 

HR 5 Equality Act, BLM and discrimination in business.

Do you feel it is important to treat all people like people? As a business owner this comes up more than I expected over the last decade. So when one of my friends that runs a barber shop asked about HR 5: Equality Act, I had to have a deeper discussion. Representative John Lewis spoke about the importance of the Equality Act passing.  What does it mean when as a business owner that your support Black Lives Matter, Pride, Farm Worker's right, Pride, or just civil rights? 

COVID, Healthcare, Employment and Recession.

Suzie Health Solutions has been working on healthcare since 2013. We have been helping people enroll into healthcare when they lose their job. We have never charged a fee. We are literally the front line of the economy and healthcare.


I have friends praying on ending the partisanship of America. While COVID-19 is tearing into our Healthcare system and economy, we are having a serious problem dealing with it because of fighting. Our government is dysfunctional. How do we get out? How do we stay safe? How do we share information responsibly? What can we do to improve our community? 


Covid 19 and going back to school.

Suzie and Matt from Suzie Health Solutions,. We are getting ready to send our little dude to school and started looking what is going on.  I did a little digging for our blog. What are the leaders doing? How is COVID effecting the kids? Where can our kids go to school and what will it look like? Just how important are masks and getting our infection rates down. 


If you need a mask and are in the area of Wenatchee then stop by our office as we are giving away reusable masks until they are gone. 

Don’t let Corporations erase you.

Suzilla is done by Suzie and Matt McColm. We run Suzie Health Solutions which helps people with healthcare with out charging fees in Washington State. 


When you do sales and services for a large corporation there is an ugly possibility that they will attempt to erase you. You are expected to come in and develop relationships and meaningful friendships. You come into the conference room greeted by executives, turn in your cell phone if you have one, and they hand you a box for your years of stuff. Sometimes they will twist the knife and say, “Nothing personal just business.” They then remove all reference that you ever existed with the corporation. The experience sucks but it doesn’t have to be that way.

  1. Matt Banta/RR Donely. I had other project manager’s clients walk in and when they were introduced to me would use me for the model of service that they wanted.
  2. Never use company provided software/ equipment.
    1. Your client database where does it go if you turn in your phone or cut off proprietary software.
  3. Social Media, Would it hurt if you lost all of your followers? It should.
  4. You are a professional so act like it.
  5. Non Compete in Washington state
    1. Employee more than $100K
    2. Contractor more than $250K
    3. Must be paid to be enforceable not more than 18 months.

Rough Waters, Navigating through Covid 19 as a small business.

Hey, it's Matt & Suzie from Suzie Health Solutions. We are getting real today thanks to a conversation on Facebook. Stop in, we are giving out masks. 

Here it is the financial storm.

  1. We entered the recession in February officially.
  2. COVID-19 shutdown saved 370K lives
  3. What’s next?


An Argument for New Zealand.

They did 4 weeks 80% of income, no rent for 3 months and quarantine the country with little or no infection.

House passed Heroes Act back in May 15th. And the Emergency Housing Protections and Relief Act of 2020. The Republicans are doing a wait and see. Rumors of maybe another check. We are seeing infections rise and our local hospital has 4 spaces left for COVID patients. We can not count on the Federal government because of the Republican inaction. 

Masks & mental health

  1. NCW Crisis line run by beacon health options 800-852-2923
  2. National Suicide Helpline 1-800-273-8255
  3. Veterans Crisis line:

Treat masks like t shirts. Find something interesting and reflects your personality. 

Businesses are going to fail. 1/3 of households missed July housing payments. Extra relief end of month along with rent relief. 388K unemployed or 9.8%.

You can do everything right and a your business will fail. If you are using the same model as 8 months ago then very good chance that it will fail. If you were weak going into this thing then it could fail. This is the time to get creative. If you need help then let us know or stop in and we will do our best. 

America Unmasked

What is it like traveling through 4 states during a Pandamic?

2021 Healthcare Rates for Washington State

Hey Suzie and Matt from Suzie Health Solutions. The office of the Insurance Commissioner has offered a first look at what the prices will be for 2021 and we are talking about them. 

Preliminary Washington Healthcare rates for 2021! Where do I complain:

If you want help then let us know early. Oct 15th Enroll in Medicare plans and Nov 1st into Healthcare.

Why should I care about CascadeCare?

Why should I be paying attention to OIC press releases.

The two things that you can do:

1. Tell the insurance companies how to improve their plan. We are focusing on customer service this year and making sure that the companies include commissions. 

2. Talk with your state Representative for Healthcare. Reinsurance 


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