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America Unmasked

What is it like traveling through 4 states during a Pandamic?

2021 Healthcare Rates for Washington State

Hey Suzie and Matt from Suzie Health Solutions. The office of the Insurance Commissioner has offered a first look at what the prices will be for 2021 and we are talking about them. 

Preliminary Washington Healthcare rates for 2021! Where do I complain:

If you want help then let us know early. Oct 15th Enroll in Medicare plans and Nov 1st into Healthcare.

Why should I care about CascadeCare?

Why should I be paying attention to OIC press releases.

The two things that you can do:

1. Tell the insurance companies how to improve their plan. We are focusing on customer service this year and making sure that the companies include commissions. 

2. Talk with your state Representative for Healthcare. Reinsurance 


Cheap Insulin

Matt and Suzie with Suzie Health Solutions talk about cheap Insulin. The big news announced Tuesday was the $35 insulin a month for Medicare. What is this going to look like with the plans available this Fall during Enrollment (Oct 15th through Dec 7th)? Will it impact every plan?

What about the plans for everyone else? How did Washington State change the price of Insulin for 2021. The open Enrollment period for those is Nov 1 through Dec 15th. 

What about Walmart Insulin? How dangerous is it?  Always work with your doctor for health issues. 

What about Canadian Insulin

Thank goodness for the Affordable Care Act for creating an opportunity for the $35 insulin. It may go away if the Administration gets the judgement that the ACA is unconstitutional which is still a possibility. 

Birthday and Holidays as a small business

It's my Birthday. What do special events look as a small business owner? How long did it take? It isn't always about eating cake but hey sometimes we have to. 

When you get a chance check and see if someone has filed a unemployment claim using your name in Washington State. There is an estimated $1.4 million going out a week in fraudulent claims. Do your part and make sure someone is not ripping off the state. 

We thank everyone for helping us with the struggle to get where we are with our long term goals. We look forward to what we will do in the future. 

Is Contact Tracing against my right of privacy?

We have been doing contact tracing for years, most of us don't know it. We swipe our cards, drive by traffic cameras, like pages on facebook, use cell phones. What does it mean if we have to provide information to eat at Restaurants to dine in? How is it like Product Recalls?

Matt and Suzie's webpage can be found at .We run our small insurance business out of Wenatchee, WA. 

How much can I make and get help with healthcare?

We are in Washington State, we do our best to make healthcare simple for our customers. You can find Suzie Health Solutions running the Full Service Enrollment Center for the Washington Healthplanfinder. It is complicated that we always recommend selecting a no charge broker and navigator. 

This information changes rapidly so stay tuned either with our Podcast or Facebook Page. We enroll and assist people all year round with Healthcare, Medicare, Supplemental and Life Insurance plans. 


Timing and small business.

The Army will not take people that have been infected by Covid 19.

There are several ways to look at this. One is they don't want damaged goods. The second is opportunities are temporary. How do you take your experiences and capitalize upon it? Mastering timing is a skill that will get you a head. Say a phrase at the right time and you can make someone laugh. Say the same phrase at the wrong time and it can get you in a whole lot of trouble.

In Self Defense, we call it situational awareness. Do you have situational awareness for your career? How about an emergency? How about your relationships?


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Business is creative.

Hey, it's Suzie and Matt talking about being creative today. If you have any questions then don't hesitate to contact us

When Matt was in the Service, it was called adapting and overcoming the situation. We have faced a lot of situations over the years building the business. From an agency going down to Covid 19 today, we look for the place that we can be successful for the people around us. 

We do it by fostering a positive environment for creativity. We talked about working for other people and when you didn't have the freedom to be creative. There is also some great examples when creativity goes sideways and a person starts selling snake oil. 

Small business is the backbone of America. We do our best to foster it around us because it is another persons' dream. While this is a tough time, it is even tougher if you can't out think the limitations and prepare for the next moment. 

Are you living in Fear if you wear a Covid 19 Mask?

We invited our teen age son to talk about Covid 19 and the fear around it. Are you living in fear if you follow the stay at home guidelines or are you being smart? When we talk about rights what happens to responsibilities? What is the worst that can happen if you decide to go to a rally and shake everyone's hand? What role does the media and our political leaders play?

Suzie and Matt run the Suzie Health Solutions Enrollment Center. We have seen all levels of healthy and unhealthy behavior about the virus. Where do you and your family stand?

Freedom!!!! Protesting the lockdowns.

There was a bunch a protests the stay at home orders. What is causing them? Who is saying what and why? What did the Small Business Loans have to do with creating the demand to reopen early? What are we risking? Matt and Suzie talk about what they have seen and answer the questions that their clients have asked. 

If you want to ask us a question then find us on our Facebook page. Our business page is We regularly help people figure out the healthcare but since healthcare is so encompassing, we drift into other lanes.