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Opportunity is created by action

Are you stuck? Your business stuck in COVID-19 lock down? You create opportunity by actions. This episode came out thanks to a few people talking about our Black Friday Special at Suzie Health Solutions. How powerful is it that we are the only Insurance business open to talk about Healthcare and Medicare at 4 AM on Black Friday? Do we get a ton of customers? Not always. Does it set us apart and allow us to have fun decorating the office? Absolutely. 



Gold versus Silver what is the best plan?

This is Suzie Health Solutions eighth open enrollment helping people without adding fees. We have seen a lot some good some bad. It's time to share.  

With 31 plans and 3 insurance companies this is the time to shop. What is the best plan for me and my family? Should I pay this guy $25 and have him tell me what the best plan is? What is the fastest way to navigate the pitfalls of healthcare?

A gold plan is not always the best plan. Can a healthcare plan come from a recognized company and still be lousy? Where does marketing play out?

It is a great lesson to look at not only healthcare but how you develop business plans. Everyone wants to be the “Cadillac” company however I can be very happy with a Ford or Chevy level of success.

Shopping locally

We run the local enrollment center for Healthcare and we are seeing a flood of folks attempting to pull consumers to supporting alien businesses. For example, one was talking about 'healthplans for Hoosers' and another was out of Tacoma. While I commend their effort as businesspeople, I am also going to call them out for taking money out of our communities. 

Do bussiness when you can with people that you can encounter in the wild. The ones that shop in the same stores and have kids in the same schools. It's how you keep your community strong and vibrant.

Once money leaves the community then resources leave the community. How do we keep our communities healthy and robust? It's where we spend our dollars. While we may have to remain socially distant do not make it permanent by using out of area businesses. 

Election Day 2020. What are the two other things that you can do to improve your life?

These are the three things that I have done during Covid, my career and my life. 

Every year we cast our ballots. Since we work with healthcare in a heavily regulated industry. We study the issues, talk with legislatures and we vote. In Washington state, we mail in our ballots and have an easy way to check our ballot status. If you are not talking politics at the table then you are often the meal. It is important as it shapes our nation and our communities on a larger scale. 

The Second thing to improve is build your support network. Are the people around you building you up or tearing your down? Does everyone think the same, wear the same hat or can they provide additional view points?  What are you doing to support the people around you? Do not confuse being mean with being tough. 

The Third thing to work on is personal development. Can you move or throw a punch? Do you move with confidence? What happens when things start moving out of control? Improve your physical condition so that you have the ablity to move better than you did before. 

If you focus on these three things then you will leave the world better than you found it. 

How do people find my business?

After nearly 10 years of writing insurance, with nearly 8 with Suzie Health Solutions. We took the time out from working with Health insurance and Medicare to talk with our peers. If you dont' have a website and a social media experence then you should be getting one. 

We get into different platforms and marketing. If you have a franchise is someone doing some lifting for your brand? If you are doing unique then tell your story. 

Yes, the entire office smells like Pumpkin Spice. 

Do I need to renew my Medicare Plan?

Do I need to renew my Medicare Plan? When can I make changes? Now is the time to ask these questions.

From Oct 15th through December 7th is the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period. You do not have to make changes to your plan during this time. However, you can and should review what you have and any updates to your healthcare plan. Here are some important things to understand....


Blog post with important links: 


Suzie Medicare Robot: 

If you want cheap insulin then wait for 2021

Last night's debate one of the Candidates made the claim that he had made Insulin as cheap as water. Unfortunately, it is still running about $300. Check out our earlier episode for the details on Cheap Insulin.

However there are some major changes in Washington State for Healthcare. 

This is the year that you want to review advantage plans or health plans because of the changes.

Medicare you can enroll or make changes from Oct 15th through Dec 7th for plans that start Jan 1, 2021.

Healthcare you can enroll or make changes from Nov 1st through Dec 15th for plans that start Jan 1, 2021.

Grab an appointment today as it is a big year. 

You can also find Suzie Health Solutions on Facebook and on the web.

Planning and Flexibility in 2020

We have done better during this crisis than 2009 and 2001.

Insurance is literally planning for future events. It is flexibility to when life happens. We do health and life so we have a little insight into thinking in this manner. A person can be early, on time or late.

Flexibility is your ability to deal with the situation and adapt your plans to it. You can plan really well. You can be really flexible, or you can do a combination to keep your family moving forward.

We are going to talk about examples and feel free to ask.

Canceling Cancel Culture with a Yes

Cancel culture refers to the popular practice of withdrawing support for (canceling) public figures and companies after they have done or said something considered objectionable or offensive. Cancel culture is generally discussed as being performed on social media in the form of group shaming.

How you get rid of it is more businesses and public figures that are doing positive things.

The start is the most terrifying aspect of anything. You have to be brave and a little foolhardy to start a business that can fail. It is the jumping off the cliff and learning to fly. Not everyone can do it and so we encourage dreams around us with the two nickels that we have.

If you want to do it then the answer to every question is yes.

It takes all parties acceptance.

People can be happy in their little bubble.

So what we are working on today. If you want to donate to a start up Central Washington Radio station then here. 

Assertive vrs Aggressive. Is it really gender?

Suzie Health Solutions assists people to  enroll and be educated about healthcare. As a husband and wife team for the last seven years, we have a different look at this ironic joke. 

The ironic joke is two people back to back. One asks the other, “What is the difference between assertive and aggressive?” The other person replies, “gender”.  This has weighed on Matt’s mind for a few days. 

It can be very true socially however you can remove this irony from your life. It is a very square peg in round hole situation. It also occurs in the workplace. How do you become a better you? 

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